Embassy of India, Kuwait - Information Collection Sheet for Repatriation

  1. The purpose of this form is only for collection of information.
  2. No decision has been taken yet with regards to resumption of flights to India.
  3. As and when a decision is taken by Government of India, the Embassy will make an announcement. This form is to be filled for one individual at a time. For addition of details of family members, it is requested to fill separate form for each member.
  4. Similarly for companies, a separate form may be filled for each employee.
  5. Once the form is filled, there is no need of sending any further e-mail to the Embassy in this regard.
  6. All conditions for travel, to be prescribed later, will need to be complied with.
  7. All rules and regulations of Government of Kuwait on departure and Government of India on arrival will need to be strictly followed, especially those related to Covid-19.

* Required

Domicile State/UT in India*

Nearest International Airport to Your Preferred Destination in India*

Undertaking by the Applicant


Embassy of India, Kuwait

Sub: Consent Form for Repatriation from Kuwait

  1. I hereby confirm my willingness to return to India.
  2. I confirm my readiness to follow all instructions given by the officials of Government of India/Government of Kuwait/ Embassy of India/ Aircraft crew/ medical personnel on arrival.
  3. I agree to bear the applicable airfare that will be charged by the airline concerned.
  4. I am also willing to undergo a 14 - days mandatory quarantine on my arrival in India at my own expense as per the protocols framed by the Government of India.
  • Please note again that filling up of this form is for information collection and doesn't automatically entitle a seat on a flight to India.